Yacht Charters Ibiza offer a selection of day and weeklong charter boats and catamaran rental in Ibiza. Catamarans have a number of advantages over other boats. Read more HERE


When thinking of Catamaran Hire in Ibiza, it is important to understand the advantages of this type of sailing boat over a mono-hull boat. The main advantage is that they have more space and can usually sleep more people. They are more spacious than the average sailboat and are ideal for larger groups and families with children. Their two parallel hulls, make catamarans more stable on the water, therefore they tend to a better choice for people who are prone to motion sickness. The parallel hulls are attached with a large deck, which allows for a more spacious living area below board. The cabins are usually situated within the hulls, often with their own bathroom. This arrangement tends to be more private, especially if they are situated at each end of the two hulls. Some catamarans feature an ‘owners’ cabin’ which takes up the whole length of one of the hulls. On deck there is a lot more space for lounging and sunbathing as the hulls are bridged by a giant ‘trampoline’.

Catamarans tend to be more modern in design and have more eco-friendly credentials than motorboats as they use significantly less fuel, especially if the sails are being used, which significantly reduces the costs of chartering a catamaran. Catamarans generally have a shallower draft allowing you to anchor closer to shore, and because of this they then to be much faster than a monohull boat.

Most Catamaran Rental in Ibiza tends to include a skipper. You can also choose to add a hostess who can make meals and serve drinks and snacks and generally look after you. Although it is possible to rent a Catamaran in Ibiza for day charters, availability is quite limited as many of the catamarans book out early in the season for weekly rental, on a Saturday to Saturday basis. For more flexibility of dates, a motorboat rental might suit you more.

Generally catamarans can take up to 12 people (including crew members) when under sail, in accordance with Spanish marine time licensing. There are a few exceptions which are reserved for party boats, and cruise ships etc. For sleep aboard most catamarans facilitate 8 comfortably with room for crew. If you require room for more on-board, talk to us and we can advise you on the best available options to suit your needs.



Sleeping on a Catamaran in Ibiza, is an experience that many Catamarans in Ibiza come in many styles and different sizes and each boat will have its own characteristics. Most can sleep 8-10 guests comfortably and there can be room for another two if there is a convertible sofa in the salon. 

At night when the anchor is dropped, the stability of a catamaran means that people suffer less from seasickness than they would on a sailboat. 

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Some boats are available for bareboat hire. that is without a crew. For bareboat catamaran hire Ibiza you will need a valid license for the boat and you will need to pay a deposit on hiring it.


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